the grey grinch

the grey grinch.

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Colin Barnett is a monster

Colin Barnett is a monster

Don’t you ever utter the word “conservation” again Mr Barnett. Your a sicko.

It’s feeding time in Cottesloe. I’ll take my chances in the water!

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R.I.P Millie Johnston


Today on the radio,  I heard a father speaking about his daughter Millie Johnston who was recently killed in Equador. Her body was found yesterday and has to be cremated before being sent back home. I was surprised at how well her father was handling his daughters death until head said –  "There will be no more reading her blog…"  At that point there was a lumped silence from Mr Johnston  as he battled with his emotions and I could almost feel his pain.

A memorial service for the 25-year-old will go ahead in Perth as planned on Friday and my thoughts go out to Millie’s family and friends.

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So far no Spaces update but…

No change to Spaces of any note other than Statistics now being absent from the Spaces home page and from the options tab on the Spaces page itself. Also, there is a border that can’t be hidden on my guestbook.

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The Pen Scrappers Competition


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I thought I would share my entry for the current  Pen Scrappers Competition hosted by Wacom.  These days,  Scrapbooking seems to be dominated by women but I thought I’d give it a go anyway and try to bring something different to the table.  I decided to go with something quite personal and I think it works,  despite it being a time of hardship for me.  I have been homeless in the past and even though this particular time in my life was only a three day scare if you like,  it reminded me of where I had come from and how hard I had worked to get myself out of homelessness when I was in my younger years.  It was also a grim reminder of how easy it can be to lose what you have worked for.

Homeless Scrapbook 002

This Scrapbook is made up of three photos I took when I was at the beach wondering what to do next.  I also drew a picture right there on the beach and wrote down how I was feeling and what I was thinking.  Today I took some more photos purely for the composition of the Scrapbook image,  then I chose some of the textures from the competition toolkit which you are required to use at least one element to be eligible to enter.  I brought them together using Photoshop Elements 5 which came bundled with my Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet.   



I quickly coloured in my sketch using Photoshop then combined all the other photos and textures together to create my scrapbook.  Using several layers and blending modes I was able to give my scrapbook a professional look that I was happy with.  I especially like the fishing lures replection and shadows over the paper.  I even used Windows live Writer to quickly add a Polaroid effect to three of the photos which I then transferred to Photoshop for some final tweaking. The possibilities are endless and you don’t need a Wacom Tablet or even Photoshop to create great looking digital Scrapbooks. Most of the work was done using a mouse and there is plenty of free software out there that you can download which have all the relevant features to get started.  Check this one out from Daisy Trail.


Hope you like my  April Scrapbook and spare a thought for those less fortunate.


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Latest sketch, work in progress

Just playing around with my Wacom Pen tablet. I like this idea of the big fat guy protecting his little robot friend.


Mans best friend























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The Secret War of Wave 4

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For those of us eagerly waiting in anticipation ( or frustration,  and in my case – fear and disgust ),  for the long awaited arrival and implementation of the Windows Live Wave 4 of updates,  it seems to me that we are surrounding ourselves with our own hype.  Are the regular users of Windows Live the only ones who know anything about Wave 4,  other than the odd tech website here and there?  And of those regular users,  how many of them do you think have actually heard mention of these mysterious updates?

If I actually knew the stats for the amount of Windows Live users,  and of those who actually log on more than once a year,  I would hazard a guess that they would number quite low and would be pretty much insignificant.  But,  having said that,  I could be wrong and have been before on such issues.  Never the less,  if my train of thought is correct,  my tiny brain then leads me down a path normally reserved for those unstable angry paranoid types who lurk in dark alleyways and seem to have those skittish eyes that dart back and forth nervously. Well ok, maybe that’s going over the top a little… Or is it?

So,  in my confused and cluttered little mind,  I figure that the heavenly Wave 4 hype has not yet spread far beyond the walls of the Illuminati enclave.  Only the true believers have precious knowledge of this biblical prophecy.  And,  of those who have heard whispers of the threat of impending doom or heavenly bliss?  They chat and bicker within exclusive groups ,  behind closed doors.  Occasionally a lost traveller will hear them chanting and be reunited with his lost brothers and sisters. Together,  the brethren examine newly revealed artefacts and leaked manuscripts from anonymous cloaked figures who have risked their lives to deliver precious revelations about our pre-determined futures.  Agents in a secret war between heaven and hell .  Soldiers heralding the arrival of a new world order called Wave 4.


Notice the 4 ones at each corner of this one dollar bill._


  • I noticed that the American One Dollar bill has a “one” on each corner of the note, adding up to 4.  Surely this has got to have something to do with Wave 4.


The more I think about it,  the more I feel overwhelmed by all the possible scenarios that are no doubt being played out even as I write this blog.  Are they going to bombard us a “Shock and Awe” champagne that will literally blow away the competitors, including anyone foolish enough to stand in their way?   Is this Wave 4 of updates so crucial to everything we know,  and so dangerous that the future of the World Wide Web depends on it’s secrecy?  Hence…  the secrecy?  Or are they just going to spill it out over time so as not to draw too much attention to themselves until it’s too late for anyone to do anything about it?  Seeping into our lives like the smell of  public transport urine that you eventually get accustomed to?  Perhaps feeble minds like my own just aren’t ready for it yet and we need to be desensitised so that in time,  we may answer the call for this holy Jihad called Wave 4.  Or,  are we just innocent bleating lambs, following our Sheppard’s blindly to what will be known as the almighty day of judgment?  A day that all the chanting brethren believe,  will go down in history as the pinnacle of social networking evolution!

And I fear.  I fear that when that day comes,  when Wave 4 arrives rapping at our door,  that some of us will not make it out alive.  So powerful and sudden will be the change that only the Elite of the Elite will be able to comprehend the magnitude of what we have at our disposal.  And I fear,  that those of us who have tarried shall fall into darkness,  forever lost,  dammed to be stupid newbie’s for eternity.

I hope we are ready for that which is shrouded in mystery and too holy for the mortal blogger to lay eyes upon.  Kept from us out of mercy,  for we are not yet strong enough to handle the truth.  I pray,  that when that day comes,  and surely it will come,  when the iron Windows Live curtains are rent in twain and the veil is lifted from our eyes and  in the moment of that last trump,  that we are ready for what must surely be the event of our lives.  I pray that we are found without blemish,  and worthy to behold…  the terrifying glory of Wave 4.




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